Choma Deputy Mayor jailed

 Choma Deputy Mayor jailed

Choma’s Deputy Mayor has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour or a fine of K10, 000 after being found guilty of assaulting his wife.

Choolwe Mubambasu in picture above stood accused in the Choma Magistrates Court for assaulting Prisca Kakaanda, a business lady from Choma, a charge he denied throughout trial.

The Court established that the evidence by the complainant correlated with the second prosecution witness Mazwanga, as it found no reason why he could testify against his cousin.

The court has ruled that the evidence given by the second and fourth defense witnesses were not consistent therefore rendering it as an assembly of lies.

Principle Resident Magistrate Exnobert Zulu considered the fact that he is a first offender, but argued that as a Civic leader, Mubambasu has an obligation to champion an end to such vices.

He has since been fined K10, 000 payable before 5th June, 2018 or face Nine months imprisonment with hard labour, with K4, 000 to be paid to the victim/Byta FM.

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