Cholera mitigation at Chisokone enhanced


National Association of Traders and Marketeers of Zambia (NATMAZ) has assured traders at Chisokone market that the association has put in place measures to combat any outbreaks of communicable diseases at the market.

NATMAZ president Good Mofya said the association has intensified the cleaning exercise and the unblocking of drainages at the market to avoid diseases with the onset of the rains.

Speaking in an interview Mr Mofya said that NATMAZ has intensified the ongoing sanitation and collection of refuse in the markets.

‘’Preparation of hygiene in the markets is ongoing especially now that the rains have come to avoid an outbreak of communicable diseases like cholera and dysentery.  We have intensified the cleaning exercise in the market to avoid any disease outbreak,’’ he said.

Mr Mofya said the association would not like to be found napping if any disease breaks at Chisokone market especially that It is one the biggest markets in the country.

He said NATMAZ has measures such as education the marketeers on the importance of good hygiene in the places they operate from.

He noted that NATMAZ wants to ensure that all the markets in the district look neat and are healthy because these are places where food is found.

Mr Mofya said that NATMAZ is working closely with the local authority in ensuring that they deliver a good service to the people.

Meanwhile traders at Chisokone market have asked the Kitwe City Council (KCC) to increase the frequency collection of garbage in the market.

The traders said the KCC the collection of garbage two a week is not enough especially now the rain season has started.

They accused the Kitwe City council of only collecting a bit of the garbage leaving rest during their pick up days adding the trend has the potential to retard progress been made by the ma