Chiwempala ‘swims’ in sewer

 Chiwempala ‘swims’ in sewer

By Staff Writer
Sewer effluent has flooded homes in Chiwempala-Lumumba Township in Chingola.

The sewer line has been blocked and now some homes have no access to both the loo and clean water.

Mulonga Water is doing major excavation to unearth the blocked sewer pipe but Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has directed the utility firm to provide clean water using bowsers.

Mr Tembo told Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Managing Director Reuben Kaira that the situation is bad.

He said the sewer effluent has effected the source of clean water of the community and the residents have to ask for loo to relief themselves elsewhere.

And Mr Kaira had assured the Mayor that the works will be finished in record time to resolve the sewer overflow.

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