Chiwempala modern market coming

 Chiwempala modern market coming



Chiwempala market will be demolished to pave way for the construction of modern market.

The construction and demolishing will be done in phases.

This has brought mixed feelings to the marketeers who are scared that once the modern market is constructed they may fail to occupy it like the case of Nakadoli market in Kitwe.

Edgar Mwaba a marketeer at Chiwempala market said that the market charges may increase more than a poor marketeer can afford.

Mr Mwaba said that the Council should have consulted marketeers before construction works kick.

Another marketeer Ronald Mwansa said that the Council should consult marketeers on the structure who knows the type of structure according to the type of business.

Mr Mwansa said the people are the ones who make the market and not a building.

He said the fear of the marketeers is based on what happened to Nakandoli marketeers who are failing to occupy the new structure because of high rentals.

But Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said that the modern market will improve the trading environment for marketeers.

Mr Tembo said that the local authority also wants to maintain hygiene at the market because it is the biggest market in the district.

He assured them that no one will be displaced and that the charges will not go beyond the rates they are paying now.

“The market is for the people but we want to make sure that the period of construction does not disturb any one with the business

“We need your cooperation as you do your business because some of you will be asked to move to a certain place while the market is been constructed,” he said.

Alice Nachilembe

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