Chitimukulu thanks President Lungu

 Chitimukulu thanks President Lungu

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people in Northern Province has thanked President Edgar Lungu for the support rendered to the Chikwanda Chiefdom after the demise of Chief Chikwanda on June 21, 2021.

Speaking when President Lungu’s running mate  Nkandu Luo paid a courtesy call on him in Mungwi, chief  Chitimukulu said the support and respect accorded to the late Chief Chikwanda is a clear demonstration of how well he worked
ith the government.

Chief Chitimukulu also thanked the office of the Vice President and Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit for the support in terms of Covid-19 materials for people who were mourning the late Chief.

“I pledge to continue working relations between government and the bemba royal establishment for the good of the bemba land,” he said.

Late Chief died at the age of 61 and was put to rest at Chishitu in Kakwela village.

And Campaign manager for Professor Luo, Given Lubinda said President Lungu received the death of chief Chikwanda with great shock.

Mr Lubinda said Chief Chikwanda was a selfless leader who put the interests of his people first.

“The late chief was a serious advocate of development and a peace-loving leader, want to thank Chief Chitimukulu for his good leadership and support to government,” he said.