Chipoka Mulenga donates to Ndeleni Community School

 Chipoka Mulenga donates to Ndeleni Community School

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Copperbelt Chairperson Chipoka Mulenga has donated food stuffs to Ndeleni Community School at Chiwempala market.

Speaking when he donated bags of mealie meal, cooking oil, books and detergents to Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Mr Mulenga said he couldn’t resist the invitation of the church to help the children attain better education.

He said as a politician, he will not just pop up during elections and ask for votes without knowing or helping the community with pressing issues.

“We can’t bring much but I hope the little we have brought can see our children to another day. I will continue to come and help so that we can be part of this nice initiative to help the marketeers. My wife will come and buy relish from the same marketeers and give it to the school,” he said.

And CCZ National Representative Joyce Kafumbe briefed Mr Mulenga that the school was built by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to absorb marketeers children.

Ms Kafumbe said the program has been KCM’s responsibility which has been giving the school a grant of K30, 000 per month for salaries of the members of staff, feeding of the pupils, buying of uniforms for pupils and books.

However, she said since October there has been a slow flow of the K30, 000 grants causing panic among CCZ and the parents.

She said KCM has been too good and the financial challenges they may be facing, CCZ still appreciates.

“CCZ works in connection with KCM to ensure the best welfare of the pupils. Our members of staff have gone for six months (since October) without pay. This is the reason we are now calling on well-wishers like Mr Mulenga to help us.

“We have called on others too and we are still calling on residents of Chingola to help Ndeleni Community School which is the initiative to absorb marketeers’ children ensuring their time of trading,” she said.

On salaries of staff, Mr Mulenga said he will engage the Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa so that he can find a way to offset the arrears.

He advised CCZ to be also in constant touch with the MP because Chingola is his constituency.

Later, Mr Mulenga went to donate 20 iron sheets to Catholic run Kachema Musuma Community School in Chibanyama.

The school had the roof ripped off.


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