Chipoka condemns the removal of campaign posters

 Chipoka condemns the removal of campaign posters

Opposition United Party for National Development Chingola constituency parliamentary candidate Chipoka Mulenga has condemned the removal of their campaign posters by suspected PF cadres in Chingola.

Speaking at the party’s secretariat today, where a press briefing was held, Mr Chipoka said that it is uncalled for that the opposition in the district are not allowed to pull up their posters.

“It is important that we address these issues without paying a blind eye to what is happening around us, the constitution of Zambia provides for us to campaign freely in times of elections, and we also allowed to display our regalia fully to the public, we are allowed to move freely and also use the freedom of expression, but is unfortunate that our friends what to stop us from enjoying these constitutional privileges,” he said.

Mr Chipoka said the party’s leader Hakainde Hichilema was recently stopped by the current government from holding road shows in the district.

“While in Chingola, our President has canisters shot at by the police, which damaged the vehicle in was in, the only crime that he committed was that he wanted to go to church but was stopped because they fear that he would have pulled masses,’’ he said.

Mr Chipoka said that they have complained to the police command over the behavior of the police in Chingola but to no avail.

“On Saturday, some PF cadres, who I can call hooligans came from Chililabombwe to come and remove posters of the UPND inn the district, prior to their coming, we stuck our party posters, but unfortunately they were removed, we reported the matter to the police but no action was taken,” he said

Mr Chipoka said what happened on Saturday was Mayhem and the party’s youth were restrained from taking action as it is not a sign o weakness.

“This harassment from the PF towards us should stop, ruining the UPND’s posters in the district will not discourage people to have change they eek, I want to remind Chingola residents that those entire PF poster that you see should be a reminder of the hardships that you are faced with,” he said.

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