Chinjenge discontinues case against the Mutemwas

 Chinjenge discontinues case against the Mutemwas

By Maimbo Mweemba
State counsel Mutemwa Mutemwa with his lawyers Sakwiba Sikota and Mutakela Lisimba leave court after complainant Lishandu Chinjenge discontinued a case where he was charged with theft of US$800,000.

Mutemwa was jointly charged with his son Mutemwa junior and police detective chief inspector Dennis Mano Kayombo.

When the case came up before chief resident magistrate Dominic Makalicha, Chinjenge said after reflection, he has decided to withdraw his complaint against the accused persons.

“This is for the following reasons Your Worship firstly, State Counsel Mutemwa Mutemwa is my counsel and these proceedings are bordering on client lawyer relationship.

Your worship ordinarily, he was supposed to be the one advising me on this matter but this will not happen because of this case,” he said.

Chinjenge said that he still has ongoing transactions with the counsel and do not wish to change lawyers.

He said that he thought by complaining against the accused, it would not result in prosecution.

Chinjenge also said his family does not want him to continue with the case, noting that at this point, state advocate Mukumi Chipawa applied for discontinuance of the case according to Section 201 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Magistrate Makalicha has reserved ruling to December 8.