Chingola’s peri-urban joins prayer and fasting

The peri-urban Churches in Mimbula Fitula have also joined the district and the rest of the country in the day of prayer and fasting.

The interdenominational of churches representative in Mimbula Pastor Justin Kabamba of Calvary Church said the future prosperity of this nation heavily depends on its peace.

Pastor Kabamba said the day of national prayers comes as a way of thanking God for the peace enjoyed in this country.

He said the natio and other political leaders of the nation should understand the importance of peace and love.

Pastor Kabamba said righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.

He also said that it’s dangerous for any learned and civilized Zambian to read and overlook the worthiness of the Zambian laws.

Pastor Kabamba said the constitutional is the backbone of the nation and it demands total respect from any peaceful Zambian.

“Some power hungry politicians become too infatuated with their political illusions and their rush for power blinds their minds of respecting the Zambian governing electoral regulations and end up causing casualties to poor cadres and their families,” he said.

Pastor Kabamba said Zambian political history has taken a dangerous twist with the upcoming politicians who have no patience to wait for their turn through the ballot.

He said Zambians should ask themselves who are they are fighting and for what purpose or else they will fail to establish the right mode of handling national issues.

The Pastor has challenged all leaders of different political parties to mobilise their members to tackle political violence.

Pastor Kabamba said they have gathered to pray for national peace, hence urged the President to serve a God whose ways are above their

Speaking at the same function was Pastor Peter Chola of Salvation and Deliverance who said the day was ordained by God and was declared through the President.

Pastor Chola said Zambians should reflect and reconcile with one another.

He said Zambia is a blessed Nation and people should consider to be blessed.

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