Chingola’s notorious jerabo gang leader ‘C4’ cornered

 Chingola’s notorious jerabo gang leader ‘C4’ cornered

The notorious jerabo Victor Phiri popularly known as C4 has been arrested by police facing various charges among them murder, attempted murder, unlawful wounding, sexual defilement, malicious damage and assaults.

C4 20, has been arrested together with four of his gang members among them his elder brother Martin Phiri 21, popularly known as Martinego for different offences.

C4 is accused of terrorizing the residents of Chiwempala and is facing eight counts including murder, attempted murder, sexual defilement, breaking unlawful, wounding and assault.

The quartet who resides in Chingola’s Chiwemapala was arrested yesterday in different towns as they were on the run, others were arrested in Lusaka and Kabwe.

Among the people who have been arrested are Martinago the brother to C4, John Mulenga 20, also known as John KG and Shimala Mulenga 15, the three are charged with assault.

C4 is a house hold name in Chiwempala and he is known for causing havoc threatening people in the Township.

The residents of Chiwempala live in fear as criminal activities are high that famous gangs like the West Kopala, All Stars and other gangs attack people even in broad day light.

When the gangs go unruly the marketeers are the ones who suffer because businesses are disturbed and the goods confiscated by the gangs.

The Independent Observer will continue to sniff for scoops and lay it bare to you as Chingola Police begins a jerabo sweeping mission.

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