Chingola’s Lulamba Ward Councillor in ‘DIY’ methodology

 Chingola’s Lulamba Ward Councillor in ‘DIY’ methodology

By Staff Writer
Lulamba UPND Ward Councillor Temani Banda has hit the ground running ahead of the onset of the rains in clearing drainages in the Township.

In leading by example, Mr Banda has started removing the litter from the drainages saying the idea of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) will motivate more residents to make sure that drainages area clean.

He said he will not just advise residents of what to do but he will show them how it should be done.

There were some residents in Kambone Street who were seen throwing litter in the drainage and this did not settle well with the ever engaging ward Councillor.

Mr Banda took time to engage the families involved and explained the ills of blocked drainages during rainy season.

He also discovered that at the spot where litter was being swept into the drainage system, there were big stones that need to be removed first.

He promised to engage youths to do the job then advise house owners to clear the litter.

“After my engagement with those house owners, I also took the opportunity to visit the market drainages and I found them in a bad state. I managed to talk to the people over the health hazard if they kept the drainages dirty with stagnant water in them.

“After the engagement, we started clearing the drainages to curtail bad smile and germs that may breed and thrive in stagnant water,” he said.

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