Chingola’s Douglas White, 2 other acquitted

By Ireen Mulenga
The Chingola Magistrate court has acquitted Douglas White and two others in a case in which the trio was accused of forging the Nchanga Motor Sport Club certificate.

Before Magistrate Stephen Mubona was Mr White 42, of Riverside, Mbachi Ngwira 31, also of Riverside and Reams Mavuto 31 of flat 2 Mkushi Road who were brought to court on allegation of uttering false documents.

Other charges were that of making false documents and acting of unlawful society and attending unlawful meetings contrary to section 356 of penal code of the Laws of Zambia.

The complainant in this matter was John Mwee, the club Chairperson who told the court that the three persons were not members of the Club and that they held and attended meetings without his consent.

Mr Mwee who also attended the event held at the Allen Alence circuit wanted the three to account for the money which was raised at the motor racing activity which was not channeled to the club account.

A number of witnesses testified in the matter when it came up for defense.

In passing judgment Magistrate Mabona wondered why the complainant attended the sporting event which was organized by the trio if they were not members of the club.

He also wondered whether the accused could form the club with all the necessary documents and paid affiliation fees just for fraud.

Magistrate Mr Mabona also wondered why the accused were praised after the successful of the first motor event.

He noticed that the only problem was the issue of money in the account because the accused had opened another account

Magistrate Mabona acquitted the trio by stating that the matter was not properly investigated.

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