Chingola youth activist pays tribute to KK

 Chingola youth activist pays tribute to KK

Chingola based youth activist Joseph Kangwa says that as the country mourns and celebrate the life of Dr Kenneth Kaunda there is need to put aside political affiliation, religion and tribe so that Dr Kaunda is honored as he deserves.

He said Dr Kaunda showed that Zambia is capable of running its national affairs and the economy on its own.

Mr Kangwa said Dr Kaunda was only president who made sure that all ministers and public office bearers were servants of the people.

“Dr. Kaunda’s principles, discipline and passion to build a better Zambia made him leave the presidency as a poor person after serving the office for 27 years plus one year as Prime Minister,” he said.

Mr Kangwa said that time has come Zambian youths, to rebrand the country for a better future.

“We should carry on the work which Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and others started in order to build a great country and to build one country for the benefit of all. He was a beacon of peace. We should denounce political violence and reject politicians who are trying to divide us based on our tribes, the best way that we can thank and pay tribute to Dr. Kaunda is to continue the struggle that he has begun for a truly independent and developed Zambia,” he said.

Mr Kangwa said the Dr Kaunda will forever remembered, because the works and contributions he did for the Zambia will be taught throughout generations.