Chingola UPND cadre arrested for playing ‘Alikwisa Driver aleisa’

 Chingola UPND cadre arrested for playing ‘Alikwisa Driver aleisa’

A UPND Chingola Constituency Youth Chairperson Davin Hamambo popularly known as Jahman of has been arrested by the police in Chingola for playing the song ‘alikwisa driver aleisa,’ a campaign song for opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Jahman (above) had gone to Maiteneke shopping centre where people where queuing up for mealie meal at of the outlets for Antelope and then he was playing the song with a stance ‘mumala mulila kulungulu,’ literally meaning people are hungry and their stomachs are empty.

That’s how he arrested for a possible charge of inciting people to revolt because of the mealie meal critical situation.

UPND Chingola District Chairperson Rapheal Chimupi confirmed the arrest of Jahman.

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