Chingola Taxi driver slain

 Chingola Taxi driver slain

A Taxi Driver of Chingola has been killed by customers that booked him.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed the murder of Martin Mukomongo, of Kasompe’s new ABB area.

Ms Katanga said Mukomongo 45, was booked by customers from Chililabombwe and on the way he was killed at Ming’omba farm which is the area between Chililabombwe and Kasumbalesa.

She said his body was found in a ditch in a pool of blood by one of the farmers of Ming’omba.

“He was driving a Toyota Noah AGB 4042 grey in color when he was attacked. The vehicle which had blood sterns was intercepted by police but the occupants escaped. We have since launched a manhunt to bring the culprits to book.

“I also wish to advise the Taxi drivers to rehearse with their counterparts when they are booked by people they don’t know. This will help their friends to help in identifying the suspects who were last in contact with their friend. Their job is risky and they need to put selfishness aside if they are to work properly,” she said.

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