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By Staff Writer
A Female Detective Officer of Luanshya Police Headquarters has narrated before the Kitwe High how she found a man lying dead with a reaped off stomach in Mulula Village.

This is a case in which Billy Katyanka (above in green top) is charged with Murder and Aggravated Robbery contrary to the laws.

In count one it is alleged that between April 1 and April 2, 2018 in Luanshya, Katyanka jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown murdered Joseph Mutale Mulenga of Chingola.

Mr Mutale (in the insert of the picture) a Taxi Driver of Chingola was booked from Chingola to take Katyanka and friends to Luanshya where they killed him.

And in count two it is alleged that between April 1 and April 2,2018, Katyanka jointly and whilst acting together did steal one Sumsung phone, K2, 000 cash and a Toyota Corolla registration number AIB 9502 all valued at K67 000 property of Malabo Hababona.

Detective Grace Kalaba 36, told Senior Judge-In-Charge Timothy Katanekwa that her boss from Roan Police station called and instructed her to carry out some investigations on a case of a dead body that had been discovered in within the District.

She told Judge Katanekwa that immediately she acted on the call and with her she carried a Nickon Camera and was in the company of two male officers whom she went with to the scene of crime.

She said upon arrival they packed the vehicle 17 metres away from where the body of the Mr Mutale was lying.

She told court that at the scene of crime she discovered a hip of leaves and branches gathered together and when she uncovered she discovered that it was a dead man who appeared to have blood stains on his shirt.

She told court that as she looked closely she discovered that the man had a deep cut on his stomach with what seemed to be a protruding intestine.

She told court that around the body there was a pair of a black and white shoe and a green rope.

“I took pictures of the body which were to be added to her photographic album and later took the body to Roan Hospital to be placed in the mortuary.

And Detective Inspector Alepah Lungu said the body was taken to the hospital for a postmortem to be conducted and it was performed by Dr Mubikayi of Ndola central hospital who arrived at the hospital around 12:00 hours.

Mr Lungu said during postmortem Mr Mutale’s body was identified by a relative and that the body was found to have a deep cut on the stomach.

He said the doctor also found an intestine that was protruding out and that Mr Mutale head was swollen.

He said that the doctor told them that the causes of death were as a result of head injuries and internal bleeding.

He said the doctor also told him that a blunt object could have been used to inflict injury on Mr Mutale.

Detective Lungu said the Doctor emphasized that Mr Mutale could have been found alive if he had only suffered from head injuries but because of internal bleeding he could have died within 30 minutes.

And Eric Zakazard a charcoal burner said head of a dead body being discovered within the village by a small boy who was informing his grandmother.

Mr Zakazard said he and other persons decided to go to the scene and it was discovered that the body was surrounded by a lot of people who had arrived earlier than them.

He said he decided to call the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) and informed them about the discovery.

He said he urged CCPU to hurry up as the body was being eaten by ants.