Chingola stands still as C4 appears in court

 Chingola stands still as C4 appears in court

Caption: C4 (Victor Phiri) in chains both hands and legs being escorted by armed police officers from the Chingola Magistrate Court. Picture By ALICE NACHILEMBE.

The notorious jerabo Victor Phiri popularly known as C4 has appeared before Chingola Magistrate facing one count of murder, two counts of rape and two counts of assaults. 

Residents troop Chingola Magistrate Court to catch a glance of the notorious jerabao gang leader Victor Phiri popularly known as ‘C4’. Picture By ALICE NACHILEMBE

Appearing for mention before Magistrate Chilukwa Chiluba, C4 20, is charged together with four of his gang members among them his elder brother Martin Phiri 21, popularly known as Martinego John Mulenga 21, also known as John KG.

One of the quartet is a juvenile offender 14 jointly charged for murder.

Particulars before court are that on May 27, 2018 C4 and his gang jointly and whilst acting together murdered Musonda Makumba.

Magistrate Chiluba told the quartet that the offence of murder is not trialed by the Magistrate Court, hence they were only appearing for mention and would not take plea.

The matter has been adjourned to June 13, for another mention.

The court premises was packed with residents who came to witness C4’s appearance, to be sure he has been nabbed.

There was ululation and chanting outside court mocking the C4 to disappear in thin air as he is reportedly to be doing.

They have been locked out of the court yard but they stayed long enough to fully get a glimpse of C4 and his gang. Picture By ALICE NACHILEMBE

“Luba kaili ulaluba (disappear we hear that you vanish in thin air) while others shouting you have been reduced from C4 to C zero,” they said.

The quartet were brought in the courts amid tight security with armed police officers surrounding the court premises.

C4 of house number 96 Mukuba Road Chiwempala is facing four other counts in his first and second counts.

He is facing assault and occasioning actual bodily harm.

Particulars of the offence are that on January 3, 2015 he assaulted Bright Chishimba and on February 13, he assaulted Foster Sakala.

And on his third and fourth counts C4 is facing the case of Rape contrary to the laws of Zambia that on September 9 and 10, 2017 of 2017 willfully had unlawful canal knowledge of a girl.

He has denied all the four counts and the matter has since been adjourned to June 12, 2018 for commencement of trail.


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