Chingola Rotary Club donates Christmas gifts to Nchanga North and Nchanga South hospitals

 Chingola Rotary Club donates Christmas gifts to Nchanga North and Nchanga South hospitals

The Rotary Club of Chingola Metro has donated assorted Christmas gifts to Christmas babies and Children’s ward at Nchanga North General hospital and Nchanga south Hospitals.

Nchanga North General hospital recorded two Christmas Babies a boy and a girl while Nchanga South by press time had not recorded any Christmas baby.

The assorted items donated worth K10,000 where presented to the Two Christmas babies who were delivered at Nchanga North Hospital by Nchanga Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika who is also Luapula Province Minister.

Chingola Rotary Club President Raphael Kauseni said that the Rotarians believe in sharing hence putting efforts together to reach out to patients for Christmas.

Mr Kauseni said the Rotarians are not rich people but their have rich hearts and interest of the community.

He said the donation is also supplementing on government effort as Government alone cannot meet all the needs but need other stakeholders to intervene.

“We are also trying to help Government as partners in development by supplementing Government effort,” he said.

And Nchanga MP expressed gratitude toward the donation from the Rotary club which is in line with the Government policy of providing health care for all Zambians especially children.

Mr Chilundika said his office shall endeavor to support and work with Chingola Rotary Metro in an effort to alleviate poverty, illiteracy and disease in the community.

“I wish to thank the rotary club of Chingola for this opportunity to server beyond self and bring development in our community,” he said.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.