Chingola Rotary club calls for peace

 Chingola Rotary club calls for peace

Chingola Rotary Club Metro has called for peace to reign and prevail in the district and the country at large stating that without peace there is no development.

Speaking after the fundraising walk, Chingola Rotary Club President Raphael Mwaba said that it is cardinal for civic and politic leaders to ensure that peace is paramount in the district.

Mr Mwaba also urged Chingola residents not to take peace for granted because the absence of peace is war.

Mr Mwaba said that as the Rotarians celebrate peace building and conflict resolution this month, it is important for political leaders to engage in dialogue with the residents to avoid any misunderstanding.

He also appealed to the youths to be responsible and avoid vice that might disturb the peace in the district.

The Rotarians managed to raise K15,000 from the fundraising walk.

Speaking at the same event, Chingola District Commissioner who was also Guest of Honor Raphael Chimupi called on the residents to ensure that they observe peace.

Mr Chimupi said that it is not enough to be a peace but rather it is more important to initiate peace everyone.

He said that for the country to be successful there is need for unity so that peace can prevail and development is attained.

“As local leaders, we pledge to preach peace in our district, we continue to emphasise on the need to work together in harmony so that we can develop as a whole,” he said.