Chingola road cemetery burial space depleted

 Chingola road cemetery burial space depleted

Kitwe City Council has informed members of the general public that Chingola Road Cemetery Low Cost burial space has been depleted.

Kitwe Town Clerk Mbulo Seke said the Council is not likely to continue providing the service beyond two months.

Mr Seke said the low cost burial space will be accessed at Nakayombo Cemetery catering for the northern part of the city.

He also said the same low cost burial space will, also continue to be accessed at Chisokone and Zamtan Cemeteries to cater for the southern part of city.

“We further advise that burial space for medium and high cost are still accessible at Chingola Road Cemetery, Kitwe City Council offers burial space services at various cemeteries in the city according to different levels of affordability and client choices,” he said.


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