Chingola residents waits for empowerment in vain

 Chingola residents waits for empowerment in vain

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Dear Editor
We wish to air our grievances as Chingola residents who gathered at Chingola Municipal Council yesterday to receive empowerment which was expected to be given by the Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development Emmanuel Mulenga.

We were at the civic Centre from 07:00 to up until 21: 00 without any information of why the program had not happened instead we waited in vain.

We should have been told at least to be at the civic center after 14:00hours, we would at least made sales in the morning unlike spending the whole waiting for the unseen.

We had been at the civic center without even being provided with drinking water or food because it was not our program.

Such occurrences are meant to dent the image of the president, which is very unfortunate such happens are what misrepresents president Edgar Lungu’s initiatives, which in turn might cause the president to be unpopular among the youths.

The residents that were to receive the empowerment are those that had registered and had forms to support their claim, the fracas was caused by misinformation and lack of coordination from the organizing party.
Concerned Chingola Residents.



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