Chingola: pro Richard Mutale protest in Kabungo

 Chingola: pro Richard Mutale protest in Kabungo


Some residents of Kabungo Ward in Chingola Constituency have protested against the adoption of Nicholas Mulenga over the immediate past councillor Richard Mutale.

The residents and PF cadres told The Independent Observer that the current councillor has served the residents of Kabungo well and there is no one else that can replace him for now.

Speaking on behalf of others, Esther Mukoma said Mr Mutale’s house is ever open.

:Mr Mutale is a leader for the people, who does not segregate anyone despite different political affiliations,” she said.

And Kabungo Ward PF Chairperson in the women wing Rachel Chipekwe said if Mr Mutale is not given the letter of adoption, the Patriotic Front risks loosing the seat because the adopted candidate Nicholas Mulenga is not popular in the ward.

“It is hard to understand why they had to adopt someone who is not even a resident in the ward to head the residents, it is unfair, Mr Mutale deserves to be adopted for this year,” elections,” she said.

Another resident Doris Chanda said it is right for Mr Mutale to continue being councillor, as he has been through a lot with the residents and is the preferred candidate.

“Mr Mutale was there with us through the gassing times, we spent sleepless nights together, he also aids the less privileged in hard such as helping in times of funerals, she said.

And Kabungo Youth leader Vanessa Mumba said that Mr Mutale has promised the youth empowerment which has never happened before in the ward

“I’m appealing to President Edgar Lungu to consider readopting Mr Mutale he has good plans to better the youths in the ward, “ she said
And another youth representative Edward Chanda said that the adopting parties in the Patriotic Front should reconsider their decision and give the people what they want.

Mr Chanda said the current councillor involved the youths in many projects which will be unfair to them collapse because he was not adopted.

“Kabungo ward is a big determinate in Chingola constituency in terms of elections, if Mr Mulenga stands as councillor, the adopted Member of Parliament and the Mayor will not get the people’s support because they has been an infringement in the adoption process,” he said

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