Chingola Press club launched

 Chingola Press club launched

Chingola District media houses have launched the Chingola press club to foster development amongst Journalist.

Speaking during the launch at the civic center, Chingola Press Club Chairperson Namutenga Sakapila said the club was established to bring all the five media houses together in the District.

Ms Sakapila said the club will serve as a haven for young Journalists not to be swayed by any influence that might have a negative impact on their careers

“I am aware of the harsh economic conditions that private media houses in the district are facing, which often lead to less pay, poor working conditions, and exploitation and so on,” she said.

Ms Sakapila has since called on the private companies operating in the district to work with the Local Media as this will help grow and sustain the sector.

She also said that the press club will endeavor to ensure that members continue providing factual, verified and unbiased news.

Ms Sakapila also urged the media owners in the district to avoid exploitation and follow the stipulated minimum wage requirement.

Speaking at the same event, Ndola Press Association Secretary General Cornelius Kabwe said he is hopeful that the foundation that has been laid will be solid to anchor the main things aimed at bettering the affairs of Journalists in the district.

“It is worth noting that press clubs provide access to a unique professional network, exclusive events with high-profile newsmakers, cutting-edge educational programming to advance the profession of journalists in the district,” he said.

Mr Kabwe said as Ndola Press Association they have no doubt that the newly launched Chingola Press Club will among other things, promote high levels of professionalism and ethical standards among the general membership.

“It is also our desire that this foundation will enhance solid relations with other stakeholders in the district, it is our prayer that the formation of these district Press Clubs will culminate in the formation of a very strong National Press Club that will champion smooth media operations and advocate for a friendlier media environment,” he said.

And Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe who was the Guest of Honor said the challenges of remuneration brings sad reading as the journalists in the district work hard to inform the resident.

Mr Kang’ombe said that he will ensure that media practitioners in the district are able to acquire land at an affordable price.

He said government will work with the media in the district and render help were necessary.

“The launching of the Press Club is an indication that the media houses in the district are under one umbrella striving as one to report on verified and factual news,” he said

Mr Kang’ombe also encouraged Journalists to strive in reporting independently with the aim of fostering development.

And Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chimupi said that introducing the club is a brilliant idea as it will attract a lot of local and national press activities that will bring revenue streams into the district.

A Media friend Wisdom Muyunda appealed to the cooperate entities in the district to encourage the media often.

He also said that there is need for the media to be given the respect they deserve at all events that they are invited to.

The launch of was also attended by ZNBC Board Member Bishop Kazhila, representative from the Chingola Chember of Commerce, Mulonga Water Communications Manager Bright Mtonga, Former Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo and veteran Journalist Franklin Tembo senior

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.