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Chingola Press Club interim Chairperson John Sakala has called for objective reporting as the country heads towards the general elections.

Mr Sakala called for meticulous of the general elections.

He said careless journalism is deadly than a double edged sword, hence the need for total adherence to ethnics of the sector.

Speaking during the Chingola Press Club interactive party held at the Space Pub and Grill, he told Chingola Journalists to be authentic because the media have the power to incite or unity.

Mr Sakala said objective reporting doesn’t mean report good about a certain individual, organization or political party but reporting exactly what is obtaining on the ground.

“There is need for a refresher media workshop on election reporting o that we are on the same page thereby avoiding our opinions in the stories. We have plans to work with stakeholders to support our intentions,” he said.

He has called for collaboration among journalists on investigative stories and tame bad news sources together.

And speaking at the same function Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo commended the press in Chingola for working together with the local Authority in enhancing development of the district.

Mr Tembo said he embraces journalists for their works because he learns when he is being criticized to improve and make amends.

He said the media should work hand in hand with all stakeholders in the district to overcome challenges as there is a lot to be reported on around.

And Lusaka Press Club Chairperson Joy Sata who joined the Journalists called for capacity building among journalists.

Ms Sata who is also TopStar Public Relations Manager said there is to work together as media houses in order to enhance and embrace free press.

She said building capacity in journalism will cover up the gap.