Chingola pastors offer support to Maposa Nkhuwa

 Chingola pastors offer support to Maposa Nkhuwa

By Staff Writer
Pastors in Chingola Constituency have vowed to rally behind Maposa Nkhuwa in order to reciprocate the goodwill of his father Mathew Nkhuwa.

Speaking on behalf of other pastors, World Harvest Ministries Overseer Edwin Simasiku said the pastors that had assembled at his church wanted to meet Maposa in person and assure him of their support.

Rev Simasiku said Mr Nkhuwa, the current Chingola Member of Parliament has been their pillar in supporting them.

He said during lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Nkhuwa came with initiative of empowerment to help pastors.

He said when church offering had become low, Mr Nkhuwa was their supporter and this time they will reciprocate.

Rev Simasiku said more members from the Chingola Pastors’ Association who had wanted to go into farming had each received a complete pack comprising 2x50kg bags of D Compound, 2x50kg bags of Urea and 1×10 kg bag of seeds.

“We are here today to pray for you so that you can continue with the goodwill of your father. Our role is to champion the good cause and your father was that good cause,” he said.

And Maposa assured the pastors who were in large numbers of continuity of his father’s legacy.



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