Chingola people needs good health and employment-Chipoka Mulenga

 Chingola people needs good health and employment-Chipoka Mulenga

UPND Alliance Candidate for Chingola constituency, Chipoka Mulenga says that the people of Chingola need good health care services and employment.

He said that his plan is to turn Chawama clinic into a hospital because it has a lot of space which is not been utilized and used as a garbage place.

He also said that the claim that Chingola is the cleanest town doesn’t hold any ground with its lack of employment.

Mr Mulenga said Chingola can only restore its dignity if young people, women and men are working in industries and have some where to lay they heads on.

“We need to look for the opportunities which will keep the people busy of which we have identified already for people to earn a livelihood for themselves,” he said.

He said during his door to door campaign he has seen that people of Chingola have gone through a lot, among them gassing, hacking, poverty and unemployment to just mention a few.

Mr Mulenga said the previous people in power had no vision for the people as they only care about themselves.
He also said that the people in power have even forgotten the people who voted them into power.
Mr Mulenga said that the people have seen his leadership and it’s consistency and he has been with them not because of elections but he has been there for them and working together with them.
He said the party he is standing on is a good party with a vision of moving Zambia forward.

“Our currency has lost value, cost of living is high but with the leadership of HH things will get back to normal because he has a plan and his vision is to give hope to the people,” he said.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.