Chingola MP registers as a voter

 Chingola MP registers as a voter

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has joined hundreds of residents to become a fully registed voter ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Nkhuwa registered at Lulamba Skills Centre but he will be voting from Twateka Primary School in Chingola East.

It was all smiles for the Chingola Lawmaker who did not vote for himself in 2016.

Mr Nkhuwa had aspired to be adopted on PF ticket in Nchanga Constituency in 2016 but he was adopted to stand in Chingola constituency after doing the ground work in Nchanga.

That meant, his family and his close associates could not vote for him as they were registered in Nchanga constituency.

Speaking after registering, Mr. Nkhuwa urged his constituents and Zambians at large to register to vote.

He said their power is in their vote.

“I want to recontest the Chingola Constituency seat and the first qualification for me to contest is the voter registration which I have fulfilled today.”

“You may be exposed to long queues but endure, because nice things come to those who wait. We should expect the same queues during voting in 2021 but we should ensure to put leaders of our choice by standing the queues and fulfill the vote,” he said.

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