Chingola MP, highlights constituency achievements

 Chingola MP, highlights constituency achievements

By Staff Writer
Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa says the completion of road rehabilitation in Chingola into modern highways is testimony enough that Government is committed to uplift the living standard of the people in the mining district.

Mr Nkhuwa who was appearing on I-wave community Radio station yesterday said good road network has shortened motorists’ distance to and from town.

“A journey from Riverside into town was taking more than 15 minutes but now it is taking only five minutes,” he said.

He said under the Copperbelt 400 (C400) which was launched by President Edgar Lungu in Chingola, most of the roads that link to key government installations have been completed.

While, on projects being done with support from Chingola Constituency Development Trust (CCDT), M Nkhuwa said two dormitories at Muchinshi Boarding school are being constructed at a cost of K4 million. With one project costing K2 million each.

The two dormitories which are for boys and girls will accommodate 96 each, a total of 192.

Mr Nkhuwa said pupils at the school were renting at nearby houses, the situation which resulted into so many pregnancies among the girl child.

“Still under education, we have built two by three classroom blocks at George Mwelwa along Solwezi Road and I lobbied with Round Table of Chingola that equally built a 1×2 classroom. The third 1×3 classroom block is at roof level. Previously, children used to learn under a tree and in churches but I have fixed that problem.

“At Kakalo, children were also learning under a tree. We have built a 1×3 classroom, sunk a borehole and constructed toilets at the same school. At Musenga, we are doing science laboratory. In Chigayo we doing a 1×3 classroom block and it is at slab level. In Kawama pupils had no desks but we have fixed that problem too. At Shimulala, we are building a 1×3 classroom block and it is foundation level,” he said.

Mr Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister said under health, through the support from CCDT a new maternity annex was constructed at Lulamba health post and erected perimeter wall fence.

He said previously, the health post was operating between 08:00 hours to 14:00 hours but now it is operating for 24/7.

“Still under health, we have refurbished Chawama Clinic toilets, wards, and water reticulation, making it wear a new look. We also donated mattresses and blankets,” he said.

“With Constituency Development Funds (CDF) we have built markets and we are building a police post in Chikola. The police post has been completed and what is remaining is furniture,” he said.

He said some bridges have also been done linking Chingola Hillside to Chabanyama and another which links Lulamba to Chingola South.

On empowerment he said both youths and women have been empowered, though some due to poor management had squandered their capital.

However, he was proud of the women in Katunga Street who were given chicks and feed and they have progressed well.

He also talked about youths of Kasompe and Mutenda that formed a carpentry cooperatives and they are the ones repairing school desks in Chingola constituency.

“The other group in Chingola Central wanted to open a car wash, we bought equipment worthy K30, 000 and they’re doing fine,” he said.

The ambulances in the district were being refurbished with the help of his firm, Matty Investments.

“We have also bought a Hearse for transportation of bodies. It is free for everyone in 0ur constituency. We have hired a driver as Matty Investments and we put in fuel, they don’t need to pay anything. When we are passing through the toll gate on Solwezi Chingola road, toll fees are paid by Matty Investments,” he said.

All electorates in Chingola constituency regardless of the political party affiliation were being attended to during difficulty times.

Mr Nkhuwa also promised to assist a Mr Katiki from Chikola Loop area who requested for assistance of a wheelchair following the amputation of his legs due to diabetes complications.

Among challenges, the minister also cited security concerns in Chikola Loop area which he said the matter was being addressed by the authority.

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