Chingola MP cautions CDF grants recipients

 Chingola MP cautions CDF grants recipients

Chingola Constituency Member of Parliament Chipoka Mulenga has urged recipients of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) grants to invest and materialize the funds.

Mr Mulenga said he will soon start visiting the beneficiaries to see if they have put their proposals to practice.

Speaking during the handover ceremony of grants held at Chingola Secondary School, Mr Mulenga said grants are meant to uplift the livelihoods of the locals and that it is expected that the grants are used according to the applications of business proposals.

Mr Mulenga said those that will share the money instead of investing into businesses will be stealing public resources and government will not entertain such.

He also said that under CDF the Constituency will see massive development works ranging from market shelter construction and borehole sinking.

“We have so many recipients of CDF grants, so when people against government say there’s nothing done in the CDF rise up and testify,” he said.

Mr Mulenga who is also Trade and Commerce minister appealed to Chingola residents to have faith in the UPND government as it is working to better the lives of its people.

The MP disbursed a total of K977, 400 for the third and fourth quarter of 2022 to 108 cooperatives and clubs in Chingola.

And Chingola Constituency Chairperson Bishop Chingembu urged the people of Chingola to believe in the vision on the New dawn Government.