Chingola Mayor’s New Year’s Message: We’d a challenge in refuse management

 Chingola Mayor’s New Year’s Message: We’d a challenge in refuse management

We have had challenge in refuse management but we shall up the game in 2019 so that we accelerate our vision 2020 in which we want to attain City status.

As the year 2018 comes to a close, in a few days’ time we will be in 2019.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the residents of Chingola and all the stake holders a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2019.

In 2018, we have scored a number of successes in infrastructure development, we have seen a number of roads being done and we are also working on market shelters in most of our areas and the peri-urban we have also done bus stations.

Moving to 2019, as council we would want to continue on the road rehabilitation and complete these road projects.

We are also faced with a challenge of waste management and as you are aware with our vision 2020 we want to become a cleanest town in Zambia and secondly become a city.

For us to become a city I think we need to look at a sustainable way of managing our waste in the district and we’ll put our resources and heads together to ensure that we attain this.

And I therefore call upon the residents of this town to ensure that we take care of the waste that we generate. And I want to assure the well- meaning residents of Chingola that going forward we are have to enforce the law in terms of waste management.

I’ll also want to ensure that in 2019 we beautify our town and we have already started doing this by calling upon our cooperating partners to adopt some of our traffic circles and parks.

Already, our welcome to Chingola has already been taken by former Atlas Copco (Epiroc) who are actually doing a very good job.

And by next year these other traffic circles will also be given to other well- wishers who would want to assist us to develop our town and make it clean and green by planting trees especially along the new roads that have been rehabilitated.

As you are aware, in the process of making these roads we had to cut most of the trees so we are going to plants these trees and this will spill over to January.

I would want to call upon either individuals or corporate citizens of this town, please come in and make donations towards this project by donating trees. We don’t mind how many trees you will donate, it can be one (01) tree, it can be a K1, 000 at the end of the day it will go a long way to make our beautiful and green.

We also have plans of creating a farming block along Solwezi Road that is in Muchinshi and Mutenda.

Once this farm block is created we hope to absorb quite a number of our youths who are unemployed. Land management continue to be one of my important issues that I would want to make sure that by the end of my tenure we have zero tolerance against illegal land allocation.

We will continue to policy/polish our plan and with our cooperation from the security agencies like Zambia Police Service and our residents so together I think together we will be able to eradicate this problem.

Lastly, I want to thank my councilors, management and staff for their contribution during 2018 and looking forward we should continue to work together as a team so that together we can change the face of Chingola for the better.

I would like to wish the residents of Chingola a prosperous 2019, May God grant good health and long life.

Titus Tembo
Mayor of Chingola

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