Chingola Mayor to continue rebuilding the district

 Chingola Mayor to continue rebuilding the district

Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe has pledged to continue rebuilding Chingola with the aim of turning it into a city.

Speaking during his installation ceremony yesterday, Mr Kang’ombe commended former Mayor Titus Tembo for his service to Chingola.

“Chingola Municipal Council under Mr Tembo has built nine market shelters, rehabilitated roads, and put up street lights across the central business among other developmental projects, my intention is to build on what has been done already, I am confident that we have the capacity to transform Chingola from a district to a city, all we need is to work together as a whole,” he said.

Mr Kang’ombe said that during his tenure, he will ensure that council builds more market shelters and rehabilitate more roads across the district.

“We will see to it that the Local Authority embarks on a street naming project, cleaning up cemeteries, we will also not condone land illegality because my Council will see to it that all residents are given land, so land encroachment will be a thing of the past,” he said.

Mr Kang’ombe said that a workable solution to garbage collection in the district will be formulated
He also pledged to work with all ward Councillors and residents irrespective of political affiliation to easily foster development in the district.

And Mines Minister who was the Guest of Honor Paul Kabuswe encouraged the Mayor to work for the people diligently.

He said that the UPND is a Government for all Zambians and residents should be accorded the same opportunities.

Mr Kabuswe also urged party members to let the Local Authority work independently without interference.

“I want call on all council workers to be servants of the people; we are promoting professionalism in the private and civil service , let every Zambian have access to mineral wealth unlike what was happening in the previous regime were mining contracts were awarded to people affiliated to one political party,” he said.