Chingola Mayor registers as a voter, urges other to turn up

 Chingola Mayor registers as a voter, urges other to turn up

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has called on the residents of Chingola to participate in the governance of the country by registering as voters.

Mr Tembo said that a voter’s card is a powerful tool that people can use to choose the leaders of their choice.

He said if the don’t register as voters they will miss the opportunity to exercise their rights to vote.

The Mayor went round the voter registration centers to check how the excise is going and took time to register himself as a voter.

Mr Tembo said the exercise has some few hiccups here and there but as the exercise goes on it will improve.

He said that people should be patient as they are some centers which have not been opened yet as it is been done in phases.

Mr Tembo has called on residents to turn out in numbers and register as voters.

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