Chingola Mayor put your foot down over Chiwempala shelter

 Chingola Mayor put your foot down over Chiwempala shelter

Dear Editor,

Congratulations Bwana Mayor Tembo for erecting a shelter at Chiwempala market for traders of second hand clothing commonly known as ‘salaula.’

This is a job well done Mr Mayor and your entire team.

Alas! On Thursday, December, 27, 2018, council employees banned the sale of ‘salaula’ to traders who display their merchandise on the Eastern part of the market next to ‘Ndeleni’ Pre-school Centre.

These traders have refused to relocate to the new shelter.

In fact, they met and planned a demonstration against Chingola Municipal Council.

The council wants sanity, good hygiene and an environment free from diseases.

Bwana Mayor put your foot down. Do not entertain complaints from these unruly traders.

You are doing good work for the people of Chiwempala and Chingola as a whole. Bravo! Well done and ‘aluta continua.’

Sam Kalaba
Political Analyst

The Independent Observer

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