Chingola Mayor playing double standards on vending

 Chingola Mayor playing double standards on vending

Dear Editor,

After expressing my concern over the damage of pavement, today I want to understand the criteria Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo is using to gauge street vendors.

The vehicle selling assorted merchandise on the Fern Avenue for Real Masters of Ndola is same as the street vendors that Chingola Mayor chased from the street.

Chingola Council police officers have continued to monitor and confiscate goods from street vendors who display their merchandise in the evening along the corridors of town.

May be I should ask. What is the difference between street vending by our poor sisters and Real Masters who park the truck and sell?

Isn’t this vending on a larger scale? Who collects tax from the truck canvassing? Does Real Masters have a trading license to trade on that Stand on Fern Avenue?

Please Your Worship help me understand this jigsaw and I will be waiting for your feedback.

Malangiza Chiziya
Concerned Resident

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