Chingola Mayor demands apology from DEBS

 Chingola Mayor demands apology from DEBS

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has demanded an apology and an explanation from  Chingola District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) as to why he DEBS has been snubbing full Council meetings.

This was after Kasala PF Ward Councillor Bernard Mwape expressed disappointment that Chingola DEBS was snubbing full Council meetings.

During Mr Mwape’s presentation of Education, Housing and Social Services minutes where he is Chairperson he was interjected by Buntungwa PF Ward Councillor Soko Mumba who wanted to know how many teachers were transferred in and out of the district last year.

And immediately Mr Mwape spotted that the DEBS was not among the Chief Council officers, he invitingly told the Council to petition the DEBS over his behaviour.

“Even when the DEBS delegates some officers, the office sends the most junior officer without input to the Council committee meetings. Ever since the devolution process was kick started, this situation has been going on and we demand that it comes to an end,” he said.

And in responding Mr Tembo who was chairing the meeting said he would not condone such behaviour from the DEBS.

He said the DEBS must tender his apology and explain why he has been snubbing full Council meetings ever since the office of the DEBS was annexed to the Council.

“Decentralisation is real and I need everyone to wake up because we are not going back. This is the vision of our President and we will not allow anybody to derail it. The honeymoon is over and I demand explanation from the DEBS because this will not be tolerated,” he said.

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