Chingola Mayor condemns the riots

 Chingola Mayor condemns the riots

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has condemned the riots that took place in the district this morning.

The Mayor said that the district leadership is concern over the riots and the damaging of properties.

Told the community of Chingola went rampant and rioted rooting some shops at Chiwempala market over the suspected ritual hacking of the people in the district.

The community suspected that police have released one of the suspect in the two hacking incidents that took place in Chingola recently.

Mr Tembo said that they was some misinformation by the general public that one suspect for the two hacking cases was been released.

He said that what happened was that a suspect who escaped from Luanshya was apprehended here and police from Luanshya came to pick him up but word went round that it was a suspected ritual killer.

The Mayor said that people reacted badly and rioted yet it was not the case.

“The local police failed to control the riot but we have received more police officers from surrounding towns to beef up and the town is slowly coming to normal,” he said.

He has urged the community to be calm and let the police to do the investigations so that culprits can be brought to book

Mr Tembo said taking the law into their own hand will not assist like today some properties have been lost.

He has told residents to avoid unnecessary movement because patrols will be intensified in the night.

The Mayor has urged residents from raising unnecessary alarms with wrong information.

According to Chiwempala ward Councillor Simon Chipoka he said that people have rooted a shop and damaged the house of a certain Chingola business man.

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