Chingola land fraudster ‘Donald Malulu’ jailed for 1 year

 Chingola land fraudster ‘Donald Malulu’ jailed for 1 year

The Chingola Magistrate Court has sentenced a land fraudster of Chingola to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for forging letters of offer.

This is in a matter in which Donald Malulu 58, of 71 Katunga Road in Chikola was facing six counts of which three were for forgery and three were for uttering forged documents (offer of letters of land).

In passing judgment, Magistrate Stephen Mabona said that he had taken into account that he was the first offender but he will punish him to deter other would be offenders as the offence was very common in Chingola.

Mr Mabona said that cases to deal with land are rampant and he had opted to send offenders who are guilty to jail with a view to send a warning to others in the same business.

He sentenced Malulu on the three counts of forgery to one year imprisonment while the other three counts of uttering false documents to nine months runing concurrently.

Particulars of the matter were that Malulu on dates unknown but between 2014 and 2019 forged offer of letters purporting that they were authentic letters from Chingola Municipal Council when in fact not.

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