Chingola hackings: unresolved problem-Community members

 Chingola hackings: unresolved problem-Community members

Chingola community members say the reoccurance of hacking community members with axe in their sleep is a sign that the problem was not resolved last year.

A Chingola resident John Kane said the fear from the recent incidences of hacking of innocent citizens brings back memories of the unresolved hacking that happened last year.

Mr Kane said it’s unfortunate that with all the resources at hand police officers and state intelligence, the killings still remain elusive.

He has urged all the residents to form neighborhood watch to consolidate what appears to be inadequate effort from the police.

The community wants the relevant authorities to arrest the hacking incidents before it escalates, to last year’s incident.

Chingola Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Freddie Musonda said the interest of the Chamber is to see that there is harmony in the district.

Mr Musonda said that people should be free to go about their businesses without fear and going to sleep comfortably that all.

He has appealed to the police to get to the botton of this matter and find out who the hackers are.

Mr Musonda said the police are doing a commendable job and the Chamber and the business community will help and support them.

“We don’t want the repeat of gassing of last year, it cost the business community, a lot of people were not able to sleep and could not conduct businesses correctly,” he said.

And Life Giving Word Overseer Ellison Bwalya said that the security should ensure that the previous incident doesn’t come back.

Bishop Bwalya said being an election year and already in a tough situation of Covid-19, hacking must not be allowed to escalate.

Bishop Bwalya who is also Independent Churches of Zambia Copperbelt South Chairperson said that the situation should not continue as people will start living in fear.

He called on the community to work together as they sometimes have information or susptions on suspects but are scared to go to police.

The Bishop said that the church should not relent to pray because nothing can be hidden

He said the church need to preach love and unity for the  nation to avoid  such  incidents happening.

Bishop Bwalya said the problem in Zambia is that people like to politicize  everything  even on serious situation.

He said the police should not relax and give enough space for the people to go far but should continue with the good job they are doing.

The Bishop has advised those campaigning not to do it in the night to let the police to patrol and up the game to ensure every area has police presence.

But Copperbelt Police Chief Elias Chushi has continued to offer assurance for residents not to live in fear.

Mr Chushi said police patrols have intensified and he Hope’s soon the culprit will be arrested.

Meanwhile, Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga has also assured the residents of Chingola that there are safe and those who are out there to commit crime will be arrested and dealt with by the police.

Ms Tonga said that the people should not be walking in fear as the police are working round the clock to bring the culprits to book.

She said the police are there to protect the people and they are doing that with intensified patrols across the district.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.