Chingola gang ‘O Stars’ arrested

 Chingola gang ‘O Stars’ arrested

On Wednesday morning Chingola police officers swung into action and arrested the gang that has been attacking members of the community in Chikola.

And Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has directed police officers in Chingola to ensure that no case of such gang is withdrawn either from police or court.

The officers started their operation around 02:00 hours and by 03:00 hrs in the morning of Wednesday, February 20, six of the gang members were cornered.

Ms Katanga has confirmed the apprehension of the six members of ‘O Stars’ to The Independent Observer in a telephone interview.

Ms Katanga identified the six as Kenneth Kiyombale 22, of 47 Lukusashi Road, Bwalya Chishimba 19, of house No. 45 Chambeshi Road, Manix Kabamba 27, of 7 Katunga road, Godfrey Kabamba 20 of 21 Wanyinga road.

Others are Joseph Ngoma 21 of 20 Mushishima Rd and Kennedy Chishimba 22, all of Chikola B Township in Chingola.

“They were arrested on February 20, 2019, around 03:00hrs for various offences such as assaults and unlawful wounding. The said group has been terrorising the community,” she said.

Ms Katanga said committing crime does not pay and her officers will make sure all criminals are wiped out from the streets of Chingola.

She implored members of the community to cooperate with the officers and remain alert to element of lawlessness.

“We don’t want such cases to be withdrawn from courts or police. That way we shall wipe out all criminals from the streets of Chingola. We need members of the community to cooperate with us and report all suspects to police,” she said.

The Independent Observer

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