Chingola gang in 39 wizardly breaking-ins, 4 arrested

Police in Chingola have arrested a four member gang that has been involved in 39 breaking-ins where supernatural power is believed to have been used.

The gang would steal with precision where they were only raiding homes with items which they were targeting.

Speaking during the Police Day commemoration in Chingola today which falls on March 4, Chingola Police Chief Peter Miselo said the four members of the gang have been arrested and have so far led police officers to 25 homes where they stole from.

Mr Miselo said the manner in which the suspects were stealing was worrying because in some cases they would even pick phones from the pillow while the owners are sleeping.

He implored members of the public to avoid keeping money in homes because the arrested gang was able to detect where the money is hidden and go directly to pick it where it is hidden.

“In three instances, the suspects went straight to where money was. The first is the theft of K25, 000 from a car. The suspect opened the car went exactly to where the money was. The second is where a Teacher had hidden K6, 500 in dirty trousers and threw it away in an area where no one could think of. But the suspects entered the house and went straight to where the trousers was.

“The other is where someone had about K13, 000 and had hidden the money in a bag and hid it between heaps of other items. The gang went straight to where the bad was. All these breaking-ins were happening while the owners were in the house without hearing a single thing in all the 39 breaking-ins,” he said.

And Police officers who were at the helm of the recoveries have told The Independent Observer that the suspects were using charm to sniff of which house has the items they needed.

They said according to the suspects, their boss would stand still and close his eyes sniffing of the next target and the exact items in targeted house.

And when they reached the targeted houses, they would lift the dust and observe where the wind was going.

And once they identified they could follow the wind.

This action could send all house occupants to sleep whether in the couch or in the bedroom and they would just jump over them or throw them away from the mattresses.

Even in homes with proper security such as wall fences, electric fences and fierce dogs, it was still a walk over for them.

The Independent Observer

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