Chingola gang gets only 4 months jail for terror

Four gang members of Lulamba in Chingola have been jailed for only four months for assault.

The quartet was arrested for attacking a family, murdering one member, assaulting another and raping a woman of Lulamba.

Chingola Magistrate Mr Lomuti Mtonga has since squashed off rape for lack of evidence.

The quartet were facing three counts of assault and in another court one count of murder and attempted murder and one count of rape.

Facts before the court are that Boyd Kamizhi 22, Mclean Kamizhi 20, Gilbert Zimba 22, and Sylvio Kwibisa 20, on January 1, 2019 in Lulamba unlawfully assaulted three people whom they found working in Lulamba area using a Taser (electric shocking gun) and fists thereby inflicting pain and injuries on their bodies.

TheqQuarter admitted to the three counts of assault and were convicted accordingly, while they are waiting for instruction from the Director of Public Prosecution in the case of murder

In mitigation the quartet said they were the breadwinners of the family taking care of the siblings and grandparents.

In passing judgement Magistrate Mr Mtonga said he has head the mitigation and that they were first offenders hence sentence Boyd Kamizhi to four months imprisonment and the other three to three months imprisonment each and acquitted them of the rape case as they was no sufficient evidence.

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