Chingola DC urges health worker to give accurate info on AIDS

 Chingola DC urges health worker to give accurate info on AIDS

Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chimupi has urged Health workers to continue giving accurate information on HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Mr Chimupi also urged women and men to make healthy decisions by addressing social norms that discriminate against people living with HIV and AIDS.

Speaking during the commemoration of World AIDS Day, Chingola district Commission Raphael Chilupi said that that this year’s theme “End Inequality End AIDS. End pandemic’ is in line with Government policy of provision of equitable services to all citizens without segregation based on any status.

Speaking at the same event, Chingola District Senior Clinical Care Officer Chaila Siluyele said the theme creates a roadblock for people to access HIV services such as stigma and discrimination.

Mr Siluyele said that Chingola district is doing everything possible to mitigate the pandemics by educating adolescent on the dangers of HIV and AIDS so they can end AIDS by 2030.

He said all stakeholders should come on board to help in the fight against the pandemics.

And, Chingola Deputy Mayor Richard Kabwe encouraged residents in attendance to care and support the people living with HIV and AIDS so that they can live normal life.

“We all have families that are affected with HIV and AIDS, our role is support them and to be praying to God in this difficult time where HIV and AIDS, Covid -19 has been a challenge,” he said.

Mr Kabwe also called on Zambians to voluntary get vaccinated against the Covid -19.