Chingola Covid-19 vaccinations begins

 Chingola Covid-19 vaccinations begins

Chingola District has launched the Covid-19 vaccination program.

The vaccines are open to be given out to the residents voluntarily.

Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga said that Covid-19 has changed the way people live and people have to accept the new dispensation and embrace it.

Ms Tonga said that the covid-19 vaccine is seen as the way out of the pandemic as it reduces transmissions of the virus severity and deaths.

The DC was speaking at the launch of the vaccine in Chingola at Konkola Copper Mines Nchanga South Hospital; she said that the vaccine will not be mandatory but voluntary with informed decision making.

Ms Tonga said that Zambia has received the first consignment of the vaccine and due to the limited number of vaccine available says priority will be health workers, police, security, teachers, miners, Traditional leaders The Clergy, and immigration officers.

Others are Marketeers cross boarder bus and truck driver’s persons who are over 65 years and above including those with chronic illnesses and their health care providers.

And KCM Chief Executive Officer Christopher Sheppard said that people should understand and have information on effects risks and benefits to make an informed decision in taking the vaccine.

Mr Sheppard said that no one will be forced to take the vaccine but it upto them to make a decision.

There three health facilities offering the vaccines namely; Nchanga South MineHospital, Nchanga North General Hospital and Chawama Clinic.

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