Chingola Councillors walk out in protest of land interviews

 Chingola Councillors walk out in protest of land interviews

By Staff Writer
Today some Councillors at Chingola Municipal Council walked out of the interviews where the Council was interviewing those that had applied for low cost plots.

Nchanga PF Ward Councillor Daniel Mumba, Kasala Ward PF Councillor Bernard Mwape, Bupalo  PF Ward Councillor and Musenga UPND Ward Councillor Aaron Mbalama.

The quartet protested because they were not given minutes to follow through the proceedings of the interviews as is the norm for Council committee meetings.

What annoyed the Councillors is that after being told that the Council had printed less booklets due to stationery challenges the committee members of Projects, Works and Real Estate Department (PWD) had the booklets.

Even after the promise of printing some more, the PWD Chairperson Charles Musonda went ahead and started the meeting leaving the quartet marooned.

When there is a committee meeting, all Councillors are given minutes booklets so that it is easier to follow through thereby speeding up the process of approving the same minutes when brought before the full Council.

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