Chingola Councillors gone to sleep

 Chingola Councillors gone to sleep

Dear Editor,

It is sad that as we get closer to 2021 general elections, most Councillors at a PF led Chingola Municipal Council have comfortably gone to sleep.

Apart from a few that are evidently enhancing their own developmental projects in the wards, the rest are riding on their area MPs and governmental projects which has nothing to do with them.

And with a lot of challenges facing most communities like electricity, water and sanitation, security among others, these Councillors are never on ground to help their electorates but are always seen at Civic Centre as if that is where they are supposed to work from.

Do these Councillors even know the boundaries of their wards because most of them have never gone round their wards to engage their people on how best they can change the status quo of their people?

This is the group of Councillors has disappointed only known navizungu vaboza, G12.

Most community roads are in deplorable state that does not need government but Councillors to initiate and work on them with the community and ward development committees.

Time of reckoning is however around the corner.

Wills Musonda


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