Chingola Council seeks to colour code CBD

 Chingola Council seeks to colour code CBD

By Staff Writer
Chingola Municipal Council has directed owners of commercial buildings in the Central Business District to soon paint their premises with a uniform colour.

The Chingola Municipal Council said this direction is in order to have cleanliness and uniformity in the town that will enhance the beauty of the district.

Director Public Health Fred Nkonde said he is seeking to have a council resolution that will require all shop owners and business operations in the CBD to paint a similar color.

He says the Public Health Act CAP 295 requires all buildings to be clean and painted.

“My desire is to have all buildings painted while the color code will add uniformity and beauty. Our interest in the beginning is the Central Business District where owners of commercial buildings will be compelled to paint with a uniform colour that the council will prescribe,” Mr Nkonde said.

He explained that all occupants will be notified and the council will pick a colour that will not only be for uniformity but will hold significance to the district.

“Of course we know there will will be those who will be defiant but that’s why we will have it as a council resolution so that they will be consequences for those who will not comply,” he said.

He said the is council seeking all buildings painted hence business and shop owners will be requested to clean surroundings of buildings as per Presidential directive under the Keep Zambia Clean Green and Healthy Campaign.

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