Chingola Council revokes 14 church gathering permits, closes 2 bars

 Chingola Council revokes 14 church gathering permits, closes 2 bars

Chingola Municipal Council (CMC) has revoked 14 church gathering Permits and closed down two bars in the district.

CMC Assistant Public Relations Manager Donna Mbalwe  said last weekend the Council conducted an exercise to monitor if Churches and others given permits for public gathering were complying to the guidelines.

Ms Mbalwe said Council is also mandated to check if bars are operating illegally amidst the ban during this period of Covid-19.

She said the Health inspectors targeted the bars, Church gatherings, Chilanga Mulilo, Weddings and Marriage blessings for compliance to Covid-19 guidelines.

Ms Mbalwe said some of the offenses found on churches were  that children below the age of 12 years were found on site when they have clearly stated that no child under 12 years should be found at church.

She also said social distance, hours of worship exceeded one hour, no gathering permits were found on site
and no hand washing facilities by the entrance were obseverd.

“Churches were charged a penalty of K750.00 and out of 14 which were charged, six) have paid and one bar has paid K1,000 for operating illegally,” she said.

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