Chingola Council proposes resettlement for Amilor, Robert communities

 Chingola Council proposes resettlement for Amilor, Robert communities

Chingola Municipal Council has proposed a resettlement for residents in Amilor Coaster and Robert communities in Chabanyama ward.

The resettlement is to take place as part of management’s view in the best interest of the residents of the affected area.

This was made public yesterday at the full council meeting during Town Clerk Report.

The Director of Housing at Chingola Council Raphael Kamanga who sat in for the Chingola Town Clerk said the move follows the concerns that had become more pronounced since 2011 through the Councillor, Stakeholders and residents.

Mr Kamanga said the state of Amilor Coaster and Robert communities are inhabitable because of unsanitary and dilapidated conditions of structures they live in.

He said management had recommended that due to the severity of living conditions in the mentioned areas the same be declared as a disaster.

“This is to allow council to work with the disaster management mitigation unit (DMMU) in addressing the impact of suffering of the residents to a safer place. The prevailing of the insanity conditions is likely to result in an outbreak of communicable diseases such as cholera,” he said.

He said that the informal settlement had a population of 1,166 when the exercise was taken.

The compounds have existed since 1950s constructed as housing units for workers who were building Maiteneke site and service.


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