Chingola Council is prudently using CDF-C/belt Deputy PS

 Chingola Council is prudently using CDF-C/belt Deputy PS

Copperbelt Deputy Permanent Secretary Warren Liywali says the projects undertaken by Chingola Municipal Council are uplifting and impressive.

Mr Liywali said the move by CMC is authentic evidence of prudent utilization of the Constitution Development Fund (CDF).

He commended the council for the seriousness with visible structures he toured.

Speaking during the inspection of Chingola Council projects, Mr Liywali said the ground work was an indicative of government’s work through the local authority.

“This is delivering meaningful development to the people and closing the gap between the governments’ campaign promises and its fulfillment.

“I’m impressed with the development on the ground which is visible and timely because it is addressing the aspiration of the people. This is bringing development close to the doorstep by the local authority. Like the construction of modern market shelters with modern ablutions, water basins where fruits can be washed, it helps the trader take note of hygiene and break away from threats of infections,” he said.

Mr Liywali said the market shelter will help decongestion the Central Business district (CBD) and address street vending and other needs.

He said people would also be able to access the commodity from within the locality.

Mr Liywali said the idea for Council to embark on marketeer empowerment is a good initiative to motivate women and youths in the market.

He said the empowerment would also help to fill the structures.

The DPS also commended the Council for going further to construct schools, police post, not associated to its responsibilities.

Mr Liywali said the move shows that the council is determined to improve the living standard for the people of Chingola.

“Government through the local authority is moving on the right direction in developing the district.

“The utilization of CDF we are seeing in Chingola today should be for the next decade we hope to see government attending to other needs.  It’s up to us to take ownership and support government as it cannot work on everything at once,” he said.

He has implored other municipalities on the Copperbelt to emulate Chingola Municipal Council.

And Chingola Town Clerk Kabombo Mutakela said most of the projects have been completed or almost done and awaiting commissioning.

Mr Mutakela said markets are an economic activity, hence the main focus being on market shelters.

He said the main concertation of government is to empower marketeers because a lot are earning their livelihood through the trading.

“We want them to trade under conducive environment. Once constructed then we will see how we can empower them to have capital to run businesses and we also want to ensure that every marketeer in the district is trading in a market not on the streets,” he said.

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