Chingola Council impounds Real Masters vending truck

 Chingola Council impounds Real Masters vending truck

Dear Editor,

Chingola Municipal Council wishes to respond to the concern raised by one of your readers Malangiza Chaziya over pavement damaged by Real Masters of Ndola.

Our Acting Director of Engineering, Anthony Salimu and Highways superintendent Misheck Simukoko have just inspected the spot which was damaged.

The council has taken action against Real Master and punitive measures will be taken. Real Masters Proprietor will pay penalty to the council and work on the damaged pavement.

The truck has also been impounded.

The facts on the grounds are that, the truck which belongs to Real Masters usually parks there to sell goods.

This is a truck which hit into the pavement.

The damaged pavement is an old one and was just plastered.

The road is still under construction and has not yet been handed over to Government.

After the official handover, the contractors will be given what we call ‘defect liability’ Period of one year.

If any defects occur they will re-do the road at no cost.

Above all, the contractor has the Consultant to directly supervise the works and the Council keeps a close eye.

Our Council will inspect the roads before handover.

Donna Mbalwe
Assistant Public Relations Manager
Chingola Municipal Council

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